MSDS Colors


MSDS for Pigment Red CI 77492: CLICK HERE

MSDS for Pigment Yellow CI 77492: CLICK HERE

MSDS for Pigment Black CI 77499: CLICK HERE

MSDS for Pigment White CI 77891: CLICK HERE

MSDS for Pigment Green CI 77288: CLICK HERE

MSDS for Pigment Black CI 77266: CLICK HERE

Kolorsource Pigment Reference for State Health Department and Regulatory Agencies: Click Here
MSDS CI 77491 MSDS CI 77492 MSDS CI 77499
MSDS CI 77742 MSDS CI 77891 MSDS D&C Red 6
MSDS D&C Red 7 MSDS D&C Red 33  
FDA References for Permanent Makeup and Pigments
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FDA Statement Eyeliner
April 1993
FDA Statement Tattoos and Permanent Makeup
November 29, 2000

2002 FDA Science Forum
Pigment Safety Testing