Green Brow Correction Because green is a long lasting pigment, you may see it in brows that are many years old. Just use WARMUP or Bubblegum to balance green. Only use Kolorsource colors to refresh procedures you have done with Kolorsource. Green does NOT migrate. Always work from the outer edge of the brow toward the middle when you need to correct a color. Otherwise, you can push color outward like a "splinter" effect and get an unwanted halo of color around the brow you are trying to correct. Questions? 888/452-4946  
Mauve Brow Correction P.C. reports using Flax 11 and Goldilocks over a mauve brow and she watched it turn brown in front of her eyes. Work slowly and evenly in hairstrokes over the mauve brow. Do not overwork the skin. Work from the top down and the bottom up toward the middle so as to avoid any of the old color moving and making a "halo" around the new color. Flax 11
Purple Brow Correction Need to add Gold Digger (opaque) or Squash (translucent). Purple is a result of black with blue undertones plus red in an original brown pigment and what happened was the yellow faded, leaving underwanted undertones. B2B Medium also is friendly with organic colors which purple usually results from.

or Gold Digger or Squash

Pink Brow Correction

Pink is a form of red. In fact red brows do exist. You need to add the complimentary color to neutralize the pink. This would be green such as Green Toner or Olive or Pink Brow Fix. Wait to do hairstrokes (microblading) after you see the healed result. Then use any NuBrown such as Bombay, Honey or Dream Brow as desired.

Use: PINK BROW FIX then use your desired color

Blue Brow Correction Need to add orangey color (gray is a form of black/blue) so here is where B2B Medium comes in handy. Depending on what color brow your client desires, you can use Hawaiian Flesh with Ginger added. Just correct areas or "spots" that need it. Then go over the entire brow with a color like Honey Brow for the last pass.

Use: BLUE BROW FIX then desired color

Purple Lipliner Correction Purple Lipliner: You need to control the unwanted color first thing. So use Red Pepper plus a couple of drops of Bubblegum. Mix thoroughly. Then you can use Poppy to balance out the lipline and let them heal. Wait four weeks to see what they bring back to you before proceeding further.

Red Pepper


Purple/Black blotches or spots in lip 2) Purple/Black blotches or spots in lip: These are about as hard to control as it comes. However, think shallow! This means that if you can implant an opaque warm color more superficially than the blotches, then you'll be successful. Think Bubblegum. Be careful to not overwork the area or you will create scar tissue and get the gray sickness (just kidding). Bubblegum
Ethnic Lips Do a test! If you put Salmon Paté and her lip turns burgundy then you've got a really blue lip on your hands. On the other hand, you can use Wine Cooler with Salmon Paté or Poppy. Chances are you will get a pink. I've used Red Pepper without problems. It is very translucent. Salmon Paté
Wine Cooler with Salmon Paté