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Mixing Color


WARMUP Modifier/Corrector Pigment 1047

When a color is "cool" and heals a bit ashy (gray), add ...


1240 Apricot Additive Color Permablend

This is a warm blonde pigment. It can be used for eyebrows ...


1200 Tina Davies Golden Sunrise 1/2 oz. Permablend

Warm orange based pigment. Can be used to warm up colors.


1198 TAN Brow 1/2 oz. Permablend

This is used to add warmth or lighten colors.


1245 Camouflage Pigment Permablend

This is a neutral skin tone pigment. It can be used as for ...


1251 Terra Cotta PB Warm

Warm color with Yellow base that can be added to most other ...


Vanilla Chai 1252

Very light color used for mixing, camouflage or areola ...


PB Raisin 1249 Cool 1/2 oz.

PermaBlend Raisin is a very cool mixing color. Highly ...


1247 Olive Green Permablend 1/2 oz

Perma Blend Olive Green is an ashy, cool corrector or ...